• Trial Diet

    Series of videos in episodes supervised by doctors to teach and guide... Watch trailer!
    Serie de videos en episodios supervisados por doctores para enseñar y orientar... Mira una muestra!

  • Food, in the history of human species

    Something is clearly wrong with our eating habits. Today, diet-related diseases plague the Western world.
    what exactly is wrong with how we’re eating – and what should we be doing instead?
    (Subtitle available English and Español)

  • Meat, in the history of human species

    About two million years ago, our ancestors began migrating out of the trees and adapting to a terrestrial lifestyle. They started to look more human and their diets changed, too.
    (Subtitle available: English - Español)

  • Vegetables, in the history of human species

    Well, the truth is, most plants are actually unhealthy and many are even dangerous. Why?
    Bueno, la verdad es que la mayoría de las plantas no son saludables y muchas incluso son peligrosas.
    ¿Por qué?
    (Subtitle available English and Español)


    Foods that are not recommended when you suffer from Vitiligo. English Subtitle Available.
    Alimentos no recomendados cuando tienes Vitiligo. Subtitulos en Español disponible.

  • What precipitated Vitiligo?

    If you have a genetic predisposition, you need something that precipitates Vitiligo's appearance, this video teaches you that it precipitates it.
    Si tienes la predisposicion genetica, necesitas algo que precipite la aparicion de Vitiligo, este video te enseña que lo precipita.