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Know your health risk

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Saliva collection kit & full genome analysis (complementary video)

GENOMA • 4m 16s

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  • Know your health risk

    To prevent diseases you should know what your chromosomes say about you. Get your GENOME through your saliva. Everything that you see, feel, and think was created by your DNA!
    Para prevenir enfermedades, debe saber qué dicen sus cromosomas sobre usted. Obtenga su GENOMA a través de su saliva....

  • Genes y ADN (DNA)

    In total we have more than 20 thousand genes.
    Your genes are a small part of your DNA or what is to say of your deoxyribonucleic acid.
    If you align the genes of a cell, the length of all of them could be almost 2 meters long, but when they coil, they fit inside the nucleus of the cell. See more...

  • What is SNP?

    Cuando se crean nuevas células no se comenten muchos errores, pero nadie es perfecto.
    En ocasiones cuando el genoma se esta copiando para formar esas nuevas células un par de bases es retirado añadido o sustituido. Ver este video ilustrativo ...
    When creating new cells do not make many m...