Saving your future (Salvando tu futuro)

Saving your future (Salvando tu futuro)

3 Episodes

More than 35% of Canadians do not have savings or investments. Only 27% of private sector workers have a pension plan sponsored by their company. The average savings in Registered Savings Pension Plans only reach $ 55,000. The situation in the United States is much more daunting.
(Subtitle English and Spanish Available)
Español Intro: En una serie de videos educativos te enseñamos a salvar tu futuro financiero.

Saving your future (Salvando tu futuro)
  • Rescuing our future - Rescatando nuestro futuro

    Episode 1

    In a series of short films available in educating episodes are trying to illustrate unforeseen knowledge. 33%, just over 77 million Americans, do not pay their bills on time. 39% of people carry credit card debts month after month. Only 59% of adults report having some kind of savings.

  • Pro-activity. Pro-actividad.

    Episode 2

    We all want to have a comfortable retreat but few have a plan. We can be active spenders but passive savers. But first we need to understand. The last days of passive dependence have to end.
    Subtitles in English and Spanish available!
    Español: Todos deseamos tener un buen retiro pero pocos tien...

  • The new world. El nuevo mundo

    Episode 3

    The first decade of the new millennium was a lost decade for so many families. They suffered huge losses in home values, savings, retirement accounts, and worst of all their employment. A massive number of people went into bankruptcy and foreclosure. Millions gave up hope looking for work.