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Not everything that is white is Vitiligo

VITILIGO • 1m 0s


  • Vitiligo Best Definition

    Vitiligo is best defined as an acquired and progressive disorder that selectively destroys of some or all of the melanocytes...
    El vitiligo se define mejor como un trastorno adquirido y progresivo que destruye selectivamente de algunos o todos los melanocitos ...

  • When Vitiligo is accompanied

    It is not only Vitiligo is much more ...
    No es solo Vitiligo, hay mucho más...

  • Vitiligo and number 8

    The number 8 and VITILIGO!
    By the age of eight (8), you have also renewed all the proteins that gave you life, at least once.
    At the age of eight (8) years, the visible manifestation of white spots appears in 1% of the world's population.
    And at that same age (8 years), more than 30% of human ...