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  • VITILIGO online consultation

    9 videos  |   Buy $79

    Online consultation complement for people and relatives with or without Vitiligo.
    A) Watch these available videos.
    B) Purchase 0006 VITILIGO add-on, which includes:
    1) Sheet with a list of related Laboratory Tests that must be within normal physiological ranges.
    2) Sheet with instr...

  • Newvit cream

    5 videos  |   Buy $137

    Newvit for Vitiligo.
    Newvit is the only cream that gets better every month.
    Newvit reaches where others do not reach.
    Newvit, avoid resistance and habit.
    Help your body to remove the white spots that appear on the visible part of your skin.
    Newvit is a new master formulation that you do not know ...

  • Genome
    7 videos  |   Buy $399


    7 videos  |   Buy $399

    Our entire body followed the instructions of our DNA to form and function.
    Our DNA is found in the nucleus of each of our cells.
    In our saliva, we have the presence of our DNA.
    Special centers process a saliva sample and send us our genome, that is, the content of an exact copy of our DNA.