Megan Moya

Megan Moya

Megan Moya is a formal student at Miami Arts Studio 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer celebrates the magic of learning through arts education and critical thinking. As an A-rated school, Miami Arts Studio students receive innovative instruction focused on academic achievement and the performing arts. Together we create a place for the arts and a home for the artist where we nurture a society of artists, thinkers, and global citizens who are compassionate, informed, and confident.
In these videos you can see her gradual development and her critical criteria increases as she is able to detect the smallest details imperceptible to most people.
AAHHOO presents this non-profit platform to help develop emerging talent. Other parents can use it to post their children's videos and show them online to their friends and family.

Megan Moya
  • La vida en un abrir y un cerrar de ojos

    Recordando a Elia Rosa Cintra Sharpe, cari├▒osamente llamada "Lily".
    Llego el momento de despedirte madre querida... Y no existen palabras que representen todo el c├║mulo de sentimientos que emergen el caudal acumulado toda la vida. No por casualidad existe el minuto de silencia, esa tan larga espe...

  • Megan Moya Chasing Pavements (Adele)

    Megan Moya sings this beautiful song by Adele, as a work assignment for her academic and cultural training. Adele's representatives were asked for permission to publish her song and to date any response is pending. This video does not have any commercial purpose, it is academic in all its intenti...